Ferrari 458 Italia Review & Buyers Guide

Ferrari 458

The legacy of Ferrari goes back 80 years to the late 1930’s when the car giant entered the auto market. Since then, the brand has not looked back. With its research, creative innovation, and passion, the brand has won the hearts of automobile lovers throughout the globe.


The Ferrari 458 Italia is perhaps an epitome of performance and driving experience. Whether on the track or on the road, Ferrari 458 Italia’s versatility has no equal. The car mirrors the automaker’s incremental development over the years. The 458 is a visible improvement and refinement from the Ferrari F430 model, making it one of the best cars the company has ever made.


The Ferrari 458 Italia review


Launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009, the 458 featured a body cover with the lowest drag multiplier that Ferrari has ever made. The latest aluminum alloy chassis snuggles the car’s 4.5-liter V8 engine, which gave it a good 570bhp and 400 ft-lbs of torque. The company’s engineers secured the lower RPM range’s torque to give the car an impressive 3.3 seconds for 0-60 mph with the top speed fixed at a breakneck 210 mph.


The seven-speed dual clutch transmission makes Ferrari one of a kind to provide the automatic standard for transmission on all its vehicles. The quick gear shifts provide a flawless and carefree driving experience. The front bumper and two sides of the front chin are equipped with aerodynamics, giving the 458 a more downforce of 309 lbs and extra cooling at a speed of 120mph. The car’s attractive front end is amplified with incisive LED headlights that compliment its silky appeal. Standard carbon ceramic brakes of the car give the 458 a good stopping power.

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Driving experience


Once behind the wheel, the driver is met with the car’s flawless driving experience. The steering is highly responsive and sensitive, providing greater stability while driving. The ability to be driven aggressively charges both seasoned and new drivers with confidence and thrill. The car’s suspension, with maximum handling and grip, witnesses customization through various driving modes. Drivers can switch between sport, wet, CT off, and ESC off modes for the ultimate driving experience.


Inside the car


The car’s cockpit is more driver oriented, making the slimmed cabin feel highly light and spacious. The layout of the steering wheel integrates the driver well with the car. The headlight, wipers, horn, suspension dampener buttons, and the Manettino switch are all on the steering wheel. The completely digital display of the car stars the central tachometer equipped with screens on either side. The left screen projects driving mode and vehicle status, while the rights screen shows the radio, speedometer, and satellite navigation.


Cost of ownership and maintenance


The 2010 and 2011 model of the 458 is a low maintenance car. Besides the routine services, it doesn’t need much. The car doesn’t need clutch or DCT replacement for a lifetime. The 458 uses timing chains in place of timing belts that also do not require replacement. Besides the 7-year maintenance package, Ferrari 458 Italia comes with a 3-year warranty period for all other components.

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Best Places to See in Las Vegas While Driving Exotic Car

exotic car rental

Las Vegas is a complete package of adventure and luxury that never disappoints travelers. When in Las Vegas, you are sure to be swayed by the exotic destinations that spot the region. The wealthy casinos, the luxurious hotels, and thrilling and memorable adventures would make your Las Vegas holiday the best experience of your life.


But how about sinking more into this rich place with an exotic car? Sounds exciting right? With the numerous exotic car rentals proliferating in Las Vegas, you can get a good taste of the city’s affluent culture. So getting a $1,100 per day Lamborghini Huracan delivered to your hotel’s valet and setting on a ride through the city is no longer just a dream.


Las Vegas has an unbelievably large number of places to drive through in an exotic car. In addition to the casinos, these places show the city’s affluence and passion, to be still counted amongst the top exotic holiday destinations in the world.


  • Valley of Fire State ParkDriving out of the city is the best thing you can do to enjoy an exotic car ride. The outer streets of the city attract people to witness the city’s irreplaceable aspects such as shopping malls, plush restaurants, historic churches, office parks, and also other suburban components. The clean and isolated road to the valley makes for the best driving experience. You can test the car’s performance by zooming through the curvy roads.
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Exotics Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is perhaps the best platform a car enthusiast could find on this planet. You can go there, rent a Lamborghini Gallardo for five laps around the superb track for $60 per lap. The more laps you do, the more the price falls. You can drive your car and put its performance and speed to test, only to realize that you had an unmatched driving experience.
  • SpeedVegas – Located exactly on South Las Vegas Boulevard is a 1.5-mile track that offers an exotic experience called SpeedVegas. If you are a car enthusiast, you simply cannot afford to miss this experience. You are given specific instructions before you hire a Lamborghini, a Ferrari or a Porsche and ride through the meandering track that fills you with thrill and excitement. This is something incredible for people who wish to see the racing passion of the city.
  • Red Rock CanyonYour Las Vegas holiday is sure to be intensified by a ride to the historic and breathtaking Red Rock Canyon. This three to five hours road trip will simply make you fall in love with the place as much as the car you are driving. You can simply wind through the beautiful place on your fancy wheels.
  • Barrett-Jackson Auto AuctionComing annually to Vegas every September, this a must-see event if you have an avid interest in old, pricey cars. Even if you aren’t qualified to participate (for obvious reasons), you may still witness this spectacular auto display by purchasing a three-day pass for $53.25.

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